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Dendron College

Dendron College is a big regional school which offers all levels of secondary education (vocational education, higher general education and pre-university education).
At the moment we have over 2000 students. Since we are the only big secondary school in the municipality Horst aan de Maas, most of the teenagers in the area attend our school.
In the past, Dendron College made a big effort to help students with special needs succeed at our school (i.e. through coaches, special guidance). The last few years, we also offer extra challenge projects to our most talented students (i.e. science symposium, Cambridge English, project with universities).
Offering more personalised education for all our students is the most important goal that we as a school have set ourselves. Horst aan de Maas is a municipality in a rural area.
The economic activities in the region focus on agriculture and transport. From a national viewpoint, most inhabitants of the area have an average income.
Our school population mostly consists of our native population. We have a minority of Dutch nationals with a north African background. We also have a minority of foreign students from the EU (i.e. Polish people). A small number of refugees attend our school.
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