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Lessonplan VR

Connect in virtual reality

What do you need:
- computers with internet access
- 360 photos (you can also make the students look for these)
- students need an emailaddress
- we had some prizes (VR headsets) for the best group.

Make an international refugee awareness virtual tour with

The makers of the best virtual tour all win a VR headset!

Most important: Don’t wait…cooperate!

You have approximately 2 hours.

Follow the steps…

In the group everyone gets a task:
1. The computernerd, this is the Dutch student, he/she has to log in into the Dendron network;
2. The creative brain , he/she thinks about the best way to build the virtual tour;
3. The writer, he/she thinks about the best text to go with the virtual tour.
4. The chairman/chairwoman, is in total control of the group !

And then…

1. Start up one or two PC’s.
2. Log in
3. Go to: .
4. Create an account (you need an e-mail address).
5. ( for teachers, you can use any 360 photos you like)Check
360 photos
Contact the helpers if this doesn’t work.
6. Make a virtual tour plan. First think…then do!
7. Upload the 360 photos. You can upload 15 photos a week in this free version of
8. Make hotspots to travel from space to space. Watch the instruction video at: explanation
9. Add information with every 360 photo.
10. Save and publish your virtual tour (under edit space settings (“the wheel”) in the top right corner).
11. Mail the link of your virtual tour to your teacher. Note the number of your group and all the names of the group members.
12. At the end of the week you will hear if you win the VR headsets!

Good luck!
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