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Liceo di Stato "G. Bagatta"

Liceo “Girolamo Bagatta” is a State Secondary school which prepares students for further academic studies. Our school has a long tradition and now offers courses in Classical Studies, Scientific studies, Social Studies and Foreign Languages to about 1,000 students aged between 14 and 19. We offer morning classes and afternoon clubs and workshops in Music, Drama, Sport, Foreign Languages, Logic Games and we have also been working on an Italian Intercultural Project for about four years. We value communication and foreign languages and our students are taught English, German, French and and Spanish, with Russian and Chinese as optional classes. Especially through Social Studies our students get an opportunity to gain better and more accurate knowledge on such issues as behavioral science, health care, migration, foreign policy, individual development and identity, global connection, civic ideals, practices and laws.
Our students, who include a number of first and second generation immigrants, have different social and economic backgrounds, but they share a common curiosity and motivation to learning. Over the years, Liceo Bagatta has promoted professional training, stages, cultural activities, study tours, language study programs, competition and contests in cooperation with the students’ families and local Institutions. Through the Erasmus+ Partnership we look forward to creating new opportunities for our students to meet peers and to learn new abilities to overcome social disadvantages and cultural differences.
Our region, on the Southern shore of Lake Garda, half way between Venice and Milan, is very rich in history tradition and culture. Our students are though used to living in a multicultural atmosphere thanks to thousands of annual foreign visitors and trained to overcome prejudice and solve possible problems due to culture clash.
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