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GREECE - 2nd Transnational

Second Transnational Meeting took place in Greece, 4th General Lykeion of Alimos, from October the 2nd to 8th 2017. Meeting's agenda opened new perspectives on learning from experts' announcements about Refugees' issue in Greece during the big crisis of 2015 in Greek islands and the mainland, in the countries of European Union and finally worldwide. Meeting's agenda also elaborated in detail the project's further implementation, special topics, next mobilities.

Experts' presentations on refugee crisis

Presentations' files are not posted due to personal data reasons. Nevertheless access could occasionaly be possible on demand.

Greek Refugee Council

Announcement by Mr S. Tzouanopoulos on Council's actions and future perspectives. 

Greece and the Refugee Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities

Announcement of Mrs R. Vasilaki on behalf of Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (Europe Direct-ELIAMEP). 

Good Practices in an Intercultural School for a smooth transition of Refugees

Announcement by Mrs M. Mpanti ex Headmistress of 2nd Intercultural Gymnasium of Hellinikon. 

Shelters for Unaccompanied Children in Greece

NGO "Save the Children"
Announcement by Mrs YIva van den Berg, Child Protection Manager-S5 Greece. 

"The story of Abdul"

Announcement by Mrs E. Grillaki. NGO METAdrasi.
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