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Holbæk 10. klassecenter is a school offer for students who need to improve either their academic, personal or/and social skills, to prepare them better for further education. In Denmark we have 9 years of compulsory learning. After this, students can continue to high school (gymnasium) or to a vocational school. The 10th year is voluntarily and we are the only school in our municipality that offers this. We have app. 170-200 students each year. We are 15 full time teachers.
We offer a wide range of different subject that students choose themselves by creating their own schedule before they start here. Some of the subjects are related to vocational training and are placed at our vocational school. It could be mechanics, business or social & health care.
Other subjects are related to creative minds and some to improve the academic skills in Danish, math and English. Students can choose subjects like mindfulness, Spanish, social studies, music, drama, and our special subject called “being young in the EU”, which maintain the majority of our EU projects.
We do not have classes, but students are divided into 3 different profiles in the 3 main subjects: Danish, math and English. Here students can benefit better with the skills they possess and therefore gain new and better skills, as the rest of the group are at the same level.
Besides from the daily lessons, our students also participate in different programmes, like work practice and transitions to the youth educations they probably will attend after this school year. We run subject days and the students must do a larger school project about their future education and job. Our school has guidance counsellors who will help the students to make a decision of which education to choose.
60 % of a year group will continue to high school, 30-35 % to a vocational school, and 5-10 % will do something else..
Our school has a variety of different students with different social backgrounds. Almost 14% of our students come from another ethnic background than Danish. Most of them are descendants of refugees, but a few are also refugees themselves. Some as unaccompanied children. It is very important for us, to help these youngest being integrated into the Danish society. Therefore a project about refugees can bring our students closer to an understanding of why we should be better to welcome people, who might become Danish citizens.
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